Sunday, November 25, 2007

... One Year Later

If anyone has ever checked in on this here old blog of mine in the past year they would have saw a couple post about me making music and asking for your support.

I have deleted those post and thus the last post is over a year old now.

Much has happened in the past year. None of it has helped my walk with the Lord. Most of it has helped me walk away. If you would like to pray about that I would appreciate it.

I have changed jobs and that had much to do with everything. I slowly started dropping the things I love the most. I quit going to night seminary. I couldn't accept my pastor paying for the classes anymore when I wasn't doing my part anymore at church and had become discontent completely with the church I attend (yes, I still go there, not often enough).

I stopped making music. I stopped reading my bible. I stopped praying.

As of this writing most of these things are still current.

I'm going to go over this blog and fix any broken links and whatnot.

I'm thinking maybe I'll start posting again. I'm thinking I miss the challenge of the study it takes to write the Deeper Truth. I know I miss being in the Word and have been picking it up lately, just picking it up, not opening it, yep, I suck.

I'm thinking I miss making music but I won't be trying to bring that into this blog anymore.

I looked over some of the writings here. The Lord really has blessed me hasn't He? I should do something more with it. That sorta seems to be a thing with me through out the writings here. A head full of Deeper Truth and me stumbling and bumbling through my life.

"Sometimes I feel I am lost in darkness. Sometimes I tarry a little too far behind my Shepherd.

He understands. He holds up, He whispers to His flock to remain still for a moment, while He turns to coax me back into the light." from Curious Servant's Art

Wonder if anyone will even know I wrote something .... One Year Later