Thursday, June 01, 2006

Alive and Kicking

I'm alive and kicking. That couple days off from rain is now having it's repercussions and I have been working a bit longer hours plus the past couple Saturdays to make up for it. It's rent and car payment weeks. I wish I lived in a mud hut in the woods.

The heat has just been wiping me out. I get all the heat with none of the benefits lately working inside new construction homes without and power, much less, A/C. Sometimes were lucky and a breeze blows through.

Been working in the yard a bit. Got this bug that I want to have a tropical rain forest in my back yard and so I have been getting all the free plants I can from people. Got 4 banana trees growing now. Think I'm going to make a pond with a fountain back in the bamboo we have and try and get some sorta peaceful spot I can go sit at. If everyone is lucky I just might share it when I'm done. Maybe I'll make me a little mud hut back there too.

My mind definitely hasn't been on the blog. I didn't exactly realize how many days have gone by since I last posted something. I can't even begin to say when I even looked at it. I haven't checked mail in a few days. I know that. I've been coming home and kicking back trying to absorb as much A/C as I can. I have read one book and am just getting going in another. Been awhile since I have read anything completely. Makes me realize how much time I really do spend doing stuff. I was thinking about that Sunday working in the yard. How much time I spend at the computer, working, sleeping, eating, reading........Almost in that order and then I thought......What about God? What time am I spending with Him? I decided that in everything I do I am with Him and went back to pulling dead branches to the road.

Our girls are out of school now and my wife said something when we were at the city pool a couple weeks back about the memories they are going to have of their childhood are going to be memories of me pretty much since when the go to see their dad this summer it is only 2 months out of the year and he doesn't spend any time with them while they are there........sooooooooooo........I have been playing with them a bit more too. We just had a big water fight yesterday and I got my butt kicked at PIG (basketball) tonight.

Anyways, I was sipping on a milk shake my wife made me...YUMMY! and she wanted me to Google something and I checked mail and here I am, and there ya go.

I'll try and get back to a normal posting schedule soon.